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Our mission is to give the opportunity of education life to the students who did not passed their PMR, SPM or UEC while they were in high school. We also want them to show their talent in the vocational qualification


“Welcome to Dessin Professional Learning Centre”(Dessin).

In 2009, Dessin Professional Learning Centre ( Dessin ) was initiated for training and education  mainly in tecnical and vocational which is based on pragmatic educational philosophy. Over the pass five years, Dessin has successfully cultivated many talents in the field of Graphic Design and Interior Design. Dessin constantly exchanges info with the business sector in order to grasp the up-to-date information on job market, the education policy is meeting the market demand and keeping pace with times.

Dessin also adoted diploma certification by England SEC (South Essec College)  , so that students can expand their own career field, toward the international.

2009年, 迪尔赛专业设计学院( Dessin) 本着务实的办学理念,启动了以技术与职业为主的培训教育,历经五年,已成功栽培不少在广告与室内设计领域的专才。Dessin不时与工商界交流以掌握最即时的职场资讯。教育方针配合市场需求,与时并进。

Dessin也通过英国SEC  取得文凭的认证,让学生可以扩大其本身的职业领域。奔向国际。